Grimm Fairy Tales Giant-Size 2013 Review

The end is here, but does this mammoth undertaking go out on a high note?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

After the shocking events of the previous issue, the heroes of the Grimm Universe are left scattered. The search for Shang concludes as the truth of the Being’s plan is revealed… and nothing will ever be the same.

It’s been a long road filled with tie-ins and character introductions. but as the dust settles fans can rest assured that the various creative teams have accomplished something big for this universe. There’s been a lot of company wide arcs, but few publishers have delivered on what that really means to their subscribers.  They expect change, in a truthful way, and that’s what the talented people behind this accomplish.

Pat Shand pens the script and to his credit the dialogue is solid.  There’s a methodically plotted but slow feel to these festivities, which fits, because the action more or less came to a close in Grimm Fairy Tales 2013 Special Edition.  This issue focuses in on the individuals as they face the question of where they go from here?  Our heroes and villains take account of what they’ve lost.  You can feel the influence of all the varying pieces, as this literary work dives down to a solid landing that shakes up the current continuity in ways that set the stage for the future.

Jacob Bear and Francesco Manna handle the art and for the most part both of the talents complement each other.  I found their interpretations of the primary players to be spot on but there were moments where the transition between their pages felt a wee bit off.  Beyond that there were a couple moments where the fully realized panels lacked enough detail forcing occasions where consistency suffered slightly. In short: it was certainly a solid effort with some unbalanced portions.

Grimm Fairy Tales Giant-Size 2013 is a proper but imperfect ending to an event that successfully delivered on its promise.  And at the end of the day, what more can eager readers ask for?  Recommended.


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