Grimm Fairy Tales #91 Review

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The road to #100 gets shorter, but does this issue add to that anticipation or detract from it? Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

Still reeling from the events of last issue, Sela struggles to cope with the revelation that the man she thought she loved is a Highborn villain. Confronting him only makes matters worse and she is torn and confused on whether she should fight him or join him on his mission to cure humanity of its penchant for greed.

Grimm Fairy Tales 91_CThe creative team continues to till a very fertile landscape, as our heroine tries to come to terms with the revelations found in the previous outing. Over the course of this series she’s been through a lot but now she’s come face to face with a dilemma, one that she might not be strong enough to solve.

Troy Brownfield pens the script and I have to say the scribe impressed me with the content offered here. The first two thirds of the comic book maintained the plucky spirit we’ve all come to expect but it was the last third that sold me. A plethora of emotions washed over thanks to a nuanced approach which allowed me to be caught off guard by the final revelation. Without spoiling any details the author took a portion of the ongoing narrative and peeled it back just enough to see a dark side in a section many thought would fall under the clout of justice.

The art by Jacob Bear fit the text from the first page to the final panel. He nailed this literary piece of fiction by offering renditions that did not contradict what came before, except for a few close-up shots near the end. The lack of layered line work might be somewhat off putting to some, but for me I barely noticed it. For the most part the bulk of the package fit but stumbled slightly.

Grimm Fairy Tales #91 is not a perfect entry but it is one that ends on an exceptionally compelling note that’s sure to affect the book moving forward. Highly recommended.



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