Grimm Fairy Tales #90 Review

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With a gigantic event put to rest, is there enough left over to keep this title going strong?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

The Countdown to 100 begins!

Rapunzel part 2. Sela’s brush with her past has left her at the brink of destruction. Rapunzel is out for her blood and she just may get it unless another enemy from Sela’s recent past can stop her. Will the return of the creature known as Frost save Sela or be her doom?

Grimm Fairy Tales 90_CWhat we have here my fellow fanboys and fangirls is a strong entry that follows a rather simplistic path. The march toward a defining era of this franchise has begun and the creative team nails the necessary emotional nuances to establish a connection to their audience.  So strap yourselves in and prepare for an undertaking that will no doubt have lasting consequences.

Troy Brownfield pens the script and the author delivers a fitting finish.  We have some revelations here that shake things up while causing Sela some considerable stress.  In a way this issue should, on face value, feel familiar to anyone who’s ventured into a comic revolving around heroes.  Our protagonist is indeed set up to learn a hard lesson, and it’s one devoted followers may have expected but the origins of the player in question might surprise even faithful readers.  There’s a notable emotional toll here, and the scribe starts to capitalize on it just as we reach the open-ended conclusion.

The art by Ricardo Osnaya worked on several levels but the prominent one is that the talent was able to capture the innate spirit of the universe.  We have beautiful woman with powers fighting, disconcerting twists and an expected moment that proves the mantle of the illustrator.  His style is more or less chaotic but for my money he hits the right cords with the text in order to make it stronger and more durable upon re-inspection.  In short: the renditions impress from beginning to end.

Grimm Fairy Tales #90 is a potent release that sets things in motion as it earns my recommendation.



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