Grimm Fairy Tales #85 Review

The event continues, but has it already overstayed its initial welcome?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

The Being stands triumphant as vampires, werewolves, zombies, and demons terrorize Earth. Sela, Belinda, and the hunters are reeling in the face of this unstoppable foe. As they join together for a last stand against the most powerful evil they’ve ever faced, the horrifying truth of Belinda’s resurrection comes to light. One of our heroes has already died, and all bets are off as Sela and company head toward Antarctica to face an army of vampires led by Samira, the Being’s right hand general. The biggest event in Zenescope history continues in this DOUBLE SIZED ISSUE!!!

As the world hangs in the balance, shaky alliances are formed between rivals for the good of the planet. As with the previous portion the situation looks dire but at this point I’m waiting for the big bad guy to really strut his stuff.

Pat Shand pens the script and the seasoned professional does a remarkable job setting up all the various players.  From start to finish he easily allows the dominoes to fall into place and the feeling of victory is just overwhelming as the author brings a bout to resounding close.  Though much to my chagrin we keep getting teased about the extent of the Being’s abilities.  And if I had to levy a complaint it’s this: I want to see more stuff happen with him because right now he comes off far too wordy and utterly unsatisfying for my taste.

The art by Rodrigo Ramos Rodolfo is solid throughout the issue but there are a few hiccups here and there.  We’re given sturdy visualizations that fit the pallet of this universe but some of the renditions come off a bit rushed.  The end result is an at times uneven visual experience that does enough to back up the narrative but never seems to become as consistently well footed.

Grimm Fairy Tales #85 is good comic that continues this war, but there are some bumps and bruises left with its wake.  Recommended.


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