Grimm Fairy Tales #83 Review

Will a new job for our heroine bring her life into a new ear of control, or is this ruse just a plain waste of time?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

Jack Frost Part 1 –

Looking for a fresh start on earth Sela goes back to the one thing she has always has done well…teaching. Aided by an old friend her slate has been wiped clean and the record of events that led her to jail time in the Shoe are now buried. No sooner has she set up shop at her new job she falls into her old habits…using her powers to protect her students from both the dark powers that surround them and themselves. But seldom has Sela encountered an enemy as cold and deadly as the one she faces now…an evil power known as Jack Frost.

As the entirety of this shared universe prepares for an upcoming event this latest romp delivers what it needs to.  At the core of this tale we have a protagonist that’s been through a lot and when the promise of some semblance of her old life arises she goes for it.

Troy Brownfield pens the script as the author gives his audience a human narrative that explores some happy emotions while yielding some carnage along the way.  Sela Mathers has had a somewhat complicated road on her journey, but in the end this series has never abandoned her core elements. That’s what this release really exemplifies as the text sheds light of this defender in a way that would be accessible to even new readers.

The art by Salvador Velazquez and Gaetano Petrigno is simply able to deliver what the script calls for.  The dynamic duo brings to life this complicated yet straight forward arc while also flexing their pencils on some of the more interesting elements. There were a few scenes where their panels yielded some less than desirable renditions but overall the total work on display more than made up for it.

Grimm Fairy Tales #83 is another solid entry in this sterling franchise. Recommended.


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