The Green Hornet #9 Review

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What will the Green Hornet do now that the FBI are looking for him? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

The Hornet’s “criminal empire” has expanded–and now he’s on the radar of J. Edgar Hoover! The Green Hornet is Public Enemy Number One! Targeted by the law and organized crime, not even Britt Reid’s fortune can buy Hornet and Kato out of this fix!

Green Hornet #9Having not read this series in a while I had a lot of questions whilst reading the last issue. This unfortunately took away from the overall experience, lowering my overall opinion of the issue. Gladly however that isn’t the case with this issue, as it’s very new reader friendly, having a very deep plot.

Mark Waid continues to prove why he’s the best suited writer for this series, creating a dark and mysterious story that has a lot of emotion behind it. The way that Waid starts the issue off with Lieutenant Dugan in a questionable situation set the tone of this issue perfectly, with the development from that being simply intriguing. Added to that the fact that Waid has brought the FBI into look for the Green Hornet, as well as them having Casey involved in their crime fighting activities and this series just looks to be getting better and better.

Ronilson Freire once again produced some phenomenal artwork in this issue, with it being nothing short of beautiful. The way that Freire adds so much realism and dynamic tone to the story through his layouts and the characters facial expression is simply amazing, helping give more depth and structure to Waid’s marvellous script. Freire also puts a lot of effort into the scenery, with the detail being perfect throughout. On top of this Mácio Menyz’ colours were also fantastic, giving the perfect finish and overtone to Freire’s art.

The Green Hornet is starting to look good again, with this emotional tale being simply outstanding. Highly recommended.



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