What has happened to the real Green Hornet? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Even back then, chicks dug the car. But the Green Hornet’s limousine, the Black Beauty, holds a deadly secret that can tear the Hornet’s life to pieces!

green hornet 8 review coverHaving missed the last few issues of this series the events of this issue came as a bit of a surprise, making me ask a few questions, like who is this impostor and what has happened to the real Green Hornet?

Putting that aside Mark Waid delivers us a very suspenseful and dramatic story. Engrossed in the narrative, you’ll forget the road behind as new twists and turns leap out of every turn of the page. I honestly don’t have words for it, but everything in this romp is just so damn interesting and exciting. Waid has successfully added a very dark tone to the series and probably more so with this issue. Although Green Hornet has always had a darkish tone to it, it needed it more so in Green Hornet #8 given the fact it was a impostor in the role. On top of this Waid also delivers a very dramatic and intense feel throughout this issue keeping it very suspenseful throughout.

The artwork from Ronilson Freire was simply magnificent. This is easily the best artwork that I personally have seen on the series, as although the artwork in the earlier issues was still good, Freire art is much smoother, whilst also having a very dark tone to it. What I loved most about Freire’s art however was the detail that he added to the characters’ facial expressions. It added a lot of depth and realism to the issue, making it much more impactful as well. I also loved Freire’s layouts and how they would help the story flow very smoothly, also adding some impact of it’s own to the issue.

Although this wasn’t too new reader friendly, it was still an interesting issue with a dark tone, having a lot of suspense and intensity throughout it and I’d recommend anyone to give this issue a go, even if it’s just to see whether you like the series overall style.



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