Green Hornet #31 Review


If you’ve been reading this series since square one, I have to commend you. I jumped on some issues ago, and it’s been a very average ride. The stories haven’t been particularly engaging, and this is not the likable Hornet I know. Lately it feels like nothing important happens, it’s just rather stale. It’s not horrible, but there are far better comics to pick up. This issue serves as a pretty good jumping on point for new readers, and gives us a rather interesting plot development. Sadly it doesn’t rise above the average rating yet again.

Here’s the official description from Dynamite:

The Hornet’s Nest assaulted by high-tech killing machines! International arms dealer Gravilov has made his fight with Green Hornet and the Kato family very personal. Now, Century City’s most dangerous new criminal raises the stakes again. Using a vast network of surveillance drones, Gravilov pinpoints the location of Green Hornet’s hidden base of operations and attacks. Britt Reid will be forced to compromise his own principles, striking against everything Gravilov holds dear. But first, Green Hornet has to survive the war zone in his own living room. Part Three of the Arms Race arc.

This issue starts out with the narration of Jeffery, AKA Scowl. He does a good job with bringing new readers up to speed with past events. It’s also interesting to see things from his perspective. The first part of this issue is rather simple, a ‘calm before the storm.’ We see Jeffery at school and then this girl called London comes. He has a crush on her, all the while the Green Hornet and Kato are together at the mansion. But do we care? This romance plot between the Hornet and Kato is getting dragged out now. Will they marry or not? Hopefully when this arc is done a decision will be made. The thing keeping this issue from being a total letdown is the attack on the mansion. It’s very dramatic, as seen in the dialogue and actions of the two main characters.

The art is pretty good, no real complaints. My favorite art-related scene is with the Hornet and Kato as they get ready to attack Gravilov’s men, the detail is great. The main cover is pretty cool, showing the Hornet and Kato with three large dice. The other cover is more dynamic, showing a fantastic looking Green Hornet standing over a defeated thug.

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Overall, not really an issue to write home about. The writing is alright, but nothing special. If it’s one book that could use a reboot with a new creative team, it’s this. I will give props to the ending however, for the first time I’m actually interested in seeing what happens next.


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