Great Pacific #18 Review

With the hunters coming to destroy Chas, what will happen in the epic finale of the story arc of Big Game Hunters? And who will be left? Read on to find out more.

“BIG GAME HUNTERS,” Conclusion. The trash-trouncing finale! All nations have growing pains, and many have known the horrors of civil war. But if this is to be the final battle for Chas Worthington’s New Texas, who will survive, what will be left and, most importantly…who shall rule?

This series has been a good one and this latest arc has been a lot of fun and really does a great job GreatPacific_18-1of making you thinks. Baston has been a fantastic villain and he does some great stuff with this comic. This issue wraps it up and really calls into question the future of this series. Chas is still trying to fight his way and really stay alive. He gives some of the information to an outside source. We have a giant show down in the end that I won’t ruin but it does with a bang and it does a great job of wrapping it up. However, the biggest part that I loved was the flashback scene to his father and it really gives you a sense and idea of what has brought Chas to this point. It is really great.

Joe Harris proves that his writing is pretty flawless. I can’t really see a way that this issue has anything that is hindering it. It tells a story and brings it all together in a nice package.

Martin Morazzo is a fantastic artist. The flow of this comic is brought to a higher point because the style and look of it. It deals with quick scenes well and got me excited to read the next panel.

Great Pacific #18 wraps things up in a fantastic package.


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