GODZILLA: Rulers of Earth #12 Review

Who’s up for some Godzilla? Rulers of Earth returns with its twelfth issue. It’s one awesome comic!

Here’s the official description from IDW:

A cataclysmic monster battle for all ages! As the Devonians move their plans into endgame and humanity meets them on the battlefield, Godzilla will be the monster that determines the fate of planet!

Will the new rulers of Earth bring about a reign of life… or death?

If it wasn’t for the new movie, there’s a good chance that this would have been the last issue of the series. Thanks to G having a new-found popularity, IDW gave the go ahead to extend Rulers of Earth a few more issues. It’s evident in the text that this was meant to be the final one, but there are a few plot points which look to be carried over into the next arc. There is one key reason why any Godzilla fan should pick this up: Jet Jaguar punches Destoroyah in the face. If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is!


Chris Mowry concludes the arc while leaving some plotlines to be explored in coming issues. Much of the story takes place underwater where Godzilla battles Titanosaurus, Manda, and Gezora. The fight is quite well-done and brutal. Little scenes such as Titanosaurus throwing a right cross and then G catching the next one bring the battle alive. There is also fantastic action happening on land. Many would scoff at the idea of Jet Jaguar holding his own against Destoroyah, but you’ll have to read the comic to see how well this resourceful robot can fight. It’s great to see him being portrayed in this light. Much like what DC did with Aquaman in The New 52, Jet Jaguar is no longer a joke character.

Matt Frank’s art like always is great. The monsters look incredible, and there are quite a few standout shots. (Such as Godzilla tackling Titanosaurus while holding Manda and Destoroyah reacting to Jet Jaguar’s ability to change size.) No other artist has quite matched the expressions of these monsters. The main cover by Frank is a simple, but appealing piece of G emerging from the rubble after a nuclear strike. (After the new movie just seeing release, it’s the perfect cover to catch attention.) The RI by Jeff Zornow however is the one Godzilla fans will find most exciting. It’s one of the most striking Godzilla comic covers yet.

Overall, a fantastic issue. The battles are a lot of fun, and the story moves along nicely. Lucy has an adequate amount of page-time, and hopefully she gets to shine in the next issue. It’s great that Rulers of Earth will be continuing. After watching the new movie it’s hard to think of something better to pick up.

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