God Hates Astronauts #5 Review

God Hates Astronauts 5For a series that’s proven itself as varied, hilarious and utterly capable of delivering, God Hates Astronauts #5 has a lot to live up to. While it has a few bumps along the way, this fifth issue definately holds up to the kind of high standard we’ve seen so far.

The official description from Image:

Behold the mind-blastin’ conclusion to the first GHA story arc! The space crab invasion is here!!! Can the Power Person Five stop the sea life armada? Flying whales? FLYING WHALES!!!!!
First and foremost, this is a series that doesn’t like to take itself seriously. God Hates Astronauts #5 jumps between the important plot segments and delievers what’s been promised since day one – the invasion of earth by crab people. While it delivers on this front, the storyline has never been the most important and the high quality artwork and quirky writing shines through on every page.
One major problem that’s hard to ignore, however, is that in all the fun and excitement, it forgot to actually conclude the arc. While the entire issue is a hilarious thrill ride, Ryan Browne’s cliffhanger just leaves readers wanting more, rather than wrapping anything up. While this is a problem, it doesn’t make the issue any less joyful to read. Browne knows how to put the laughts into every page and uses the comic book format to his advantage.
Visually, it’s still hard to dissmiss a title like God Hates Astronauts. Browne’s artwork goes into incredible detail at times – heck, just look at the back of Star Grass’s head to see the detailed anatomy. Combine this with the vibrant colors of Jordan Boyd and you have a comic that is simple to look at, but offers the complex detail for anyone willing to invest the time to really look at the page.
All in all, when the minor faults can be forgiven, you know you’re onto a winner. Fun is very much the key focus here and this issue ensures plenty of that, without making any sacrifices.
  • + Absolutely hilarious!
  • + Well paced
  • +  Fantastic artwork
  • - Doesn't actually end the arc

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