Ghosted #10: Review

Paranormal crook-for-hire Jackson Winters is neck-deep in “the sh*t” again, and as he laments his situation all I can say is this: dude, if you want things to get better, stop taking these crazy jobs.

Here’s the official word from Image:

Jackson was only expecting to steal a ghost from a cult. Instead, he found so much more! The second arc ends here!

As this second arc of Ghosted will attest, writer Joshua Williamson is obsessed with demonic possession — once Ghosted_10again paranormal thief Jackson Winters has been lured into helping a power-hungry benefactor who’s trying to use demons to secure her selfish worldly goals. This time it’s Wenona Blood Crow, a woman from Winters’ past who’s used poor Nina to channel an ancient (and kick ass) Crow Demon. After conjuring the demon in issue #9, Nina is now possessed and Wenona is (seemingly) in charge of both the demon and the host. While issue #10 offers a satisfying read (and a surprising death), the most engaging aspect of this issue emerges when Jackson comes face-to-face with the Crow Demon — Williamson’s dialogue is compelling here, and we get heavy doses of insight into what makes Winters tick (something that’s been lacking in previous issues). This is all to say that Williamson does a nice job of balancing action with character development, and the reader leaves this second arc feeling like we know (and maybe even like) Winters better than we did before.

The art, provided by Davide Gianfelice, is what really makes this issue rock, however. Gianfelice’s rendering of the Crow Demon is beautifully creepy, and perfectly disturbing — it really made this issue a joy to read and I wanted to see more.

Ghosted #10 wraps up the second arc of what has felt (at times) like an uneven series. But the premise is so good, I’m looking forward to reading more.


+ Decent Story - Great Art

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