Ghostbusters #15 Review

There’s an overpowered ghost on the loose but can our heroes do anything to stop it?  Should you even care about the outcome?  Read on to find out.

The official description from IDW:

The unexpected aftereffects of the knock-off proton packs utilized by the Ghost-Smashers have unleashed one very juiced up ghost on the city of New York! If even the tried and true equipment of the real Ghostbusters can’t stop this thing… what can? Find out in the latest issue of the ongoing Ghostbusters!

When there’s a specter on a rampage who do you call?  Well if the world was awesome, the Ghostbusters, but since we can’t get them in real life we just have to make due with this very entertaining comic book series.  Take heart fans as this latest issue has got to be one of the crowning achievements of this creative team’s sterling run.

Erik Burnham delivers his best script to date in this rather exceptional romp.  He near perfectly plays each joke and one-liner off in a way that will have readers laughing hysterically as they sit thoroughly engrossed by the narrative unfolding before their eyes.  It’s a simple enough climax but perhaps that’s why it works so well, as the star of this story isn’t the saga itself but the characters.  The author’s keen sense and honest understanding of the franchise enables our heroes and their quirky personalities to ebb and flow in a way that yields a crowd pleasing affair.

Dan Schoening does everything right in this latest release as his pencil strokes convey the dire circumstances and comedic moments contained in this little jaunt.  His keen design sense offers a cartoon oriented view that switches from simplistic to rather intricate at the drop of a hat as each bold line and steady curve reveals a greater depth and understanding of these characters and the reality they inhabit.  In short this is an expert visualization of this storied property.

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Ghostbusters #15 displays the creative team’s gumption as they deliver an endlessly entertaining and uproarious finish.  Highly recommended.


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