Ghostbusters #14 Review

With two teams of paranormal investigators and eliminators on the scene, can the classic heroes reign supreme?  Read on to find out.

The official description from IDW:

There’s a new paranormal extermination squad in the city of New York, and the science behind their methods is making Egon nervous. Can the Ghostbusters talk their competition off a potentially dangerous road? Maybe if they use the magic word…

The Ghost Smashers are really making a name for themselves, but as the story points out, what they’re actually doing is more harm then good.  It’s a basic enough idea, it’s impossible to destroy energy so when these new kids on the block temporally disperse a ghost they’re bound to come back very angry.  And that ladies and gentlemen is exactly what this issue is about.

Erik Burnham continues his stellar stint on Ghostbusters, and his latest script simply hits it out of the park.  Yes, there are moments where it comes off as a bit too wordy and the pace gets bogged down by unnecessary dialogue but when the time calls for it the jokes are simply there.  He finds a way to imbue the trademark wit of the iconic actors in a logical extension of the movies, while simultaneously expanding the franchise.  At the end of the day the tale being told here is incredibly entertaining and it will have fans grinning ear to ear.

Dan Schoening brings his trademark style to this latest outing.  His unique designs do more than simply inform the script, they brighten it up.  From the backgrounds to the characters themselves, his pencil work perfectly layers a lavishly realized vision of the world with just enough meticulous intent to sell the story.  Overall it’s another exceptional pile of pages delivered by this very talented series artist.

Ghostbusters #14 is another exemplary release that continues to impress with a stellar creative team and an engaging adventure that will entertain series readers.  Recommended.


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