Ghostbusters #13 Review

The Ghostbusters return home to New York in this latest release, but is it worth your time and money?  Read on to find out.

The official description from IDW:

After one more quick stop to help a friend in the Windy City, the Ghostbusters arrive back in New York, expecting a backlog of cases to clear through.  Instead, things are strangely quiet on the supernatural front, and it’s all thanks to the city’s newest paranormal investigation and elimination service!  Who is this new team?

The Ghostbusters return home, but to their shock and dismay they’re not swamped with calls.  Instead they’re stuck trying to figure out what to do with themselves, while unbeknownst to them another team has surfaced with an agenda all their own.  Meet the Ghost Smashers, a team who claims they can destroy ghosts rather than capture them.

Erik Burnham delivers an excellent script that more than sets up the next phase for this storied franchise.  Employing references, entertaining dialogue and some very workable plot threads the four originals are about to face a threat that’s been long in coming… competition. The only minor issues to be found with this little tale, come from the simplest scenes that feel a bit tacked on and wholly unnecessary.  But for the most part, those rare moments are few and far between.

Dan Schoening once again handles the art, and color me impressed with his highly stylized work this issue.  The characters look great, the world is detailed and the panel design works well enough to elevate the script quality.  If there’s a solid and consistent reason to be following the continuing adventures of the Ghostbusters, this talented artist and his work is it.

Tristan Jones delivers a wonderful epilogue to his back-up feature, “Who Killed Laura Parr?”  The art is highly stylized and accessible, but it’s the final narrative twist that sells the closing of this little jaunt.

Ghostbusters #13 is a more than worthwhile purchase that’s sure to please fans of all ages.  Recommended.


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