Garth Ennis’ Battlefields #6: The Rise and Fall of Anna Kharkova

As the saga of this fighter pilot comes to a close, does the creative team deliver something that resonates?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

The year is 1964, and while war hero Anna Kharkova survived WWII intact, she now languishes in a remote Siberian punishment camp. But the former Night Witch still has one last card to play! High above the frozen Arctic ocean, her saga reaches its end, as the last of the women warriors meets her destiny.

When it comes to yarns that deal with war it can be somewhat paralyzing as the people behind it try to find that right perspective or angle to tell a human tale in theses inhumane environments.  Even if the final bow of this story doesn’t go out as gracefully as it should there’s still enough done right here to make the whole package worthy of a look.

Garth Ennis pens the script and I was floored by what the author delivered.  The series scribe has an innate ability to take the written word and mold it into an engrossing romp that carries the weight of  history and the heroes that fell beneath its powerful steps. Sadly, along the march to conclusion many readers, like myself, will more than likely find themselves a bit disappointed by the finish despite the circumstances of which being quite clever  in their own way.

The art by Russ Braun evolves into a fitting display of visceral images that shoulder the narrative.  The facial structures and reactions are impressive as both thick and thin lines work together to authenticate this journey.  There’s not much I can say against the work on display, except that there were a couple moments that seemed to be a bit too light on detail for their own good as elements came off a bit unstable.

Garth Ennis’ Battlefields #6: The Rise and Fall of Anna Kharkova delivers an ending that may not be entirely worthwhile but it allows human moments to breath. And in the end the comic book does just enough to squeak by with a light recommendation.


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