The Garbage Pail Kids are back with some love advice and crazy gross antics. Is it worth reading or is this a hard pass? Read on to find out more.

In December, the Garbage Pail Kids were dragged kicking and screaming into the world of comic books. Now, those miscreants are right where you’d expect to find them… in love? That can’t be right, you say? Well, if loving GPK is wrong, we don’t want to be right. So join the Kids as they celebrate Valentine’s Day the only way they know how: the exchange of bodily fluids (and solids)!

The Garbage Pail Kids are an interesting group of characters and really have some fun moments. GPK-LoveStinks-pr-3-7da71In this one-shot, we get a look at these miscreants in love. Now this could be a lot of fun and just plain crazy but I actually found this issue kind of boring and just gross. I am usually okay with the gross parts of things but these are taken a little too far. There is a lot of potty humor and I do mean that literally. I, also, think that this is very adult and I think that they should have geared more to kids.

Peter Bagge and Various writers/artists are good writers but I think that this issue was a huge miss. The characters are not likable and they are hard to get behind. The stories are not fun but really gross. It is just a big miss and it is not worth reading. There are one or two moments that are fun but, overall, just not great. The art is pretty good though. It is pretty cool to see the different visuals. I do think that it does adds a little motivation to look at.

Garbage Pail Kids: Love Stinks is not really worth checking out.

-Just plain gross -Not a lot of fun -Very odd choices +The visuals are pretty fun

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