Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues #4 Review

With the Galaxy Quest crew dealing with a whole intergalactic problem and a whole bunch of hipsters at conventions, you could say they are stressed out. This leads to finale that some great weight to it. However, it does leave something to be desired.

The fate of a world hangs in the balance in this explosive finale!

Galaxy Quest has been a favorite of mine because of the movie. It was a great take on people that were in a famousGalaxyQuest4-pg02-cd5ad television show and brought to life. The series tries bringing the feeling of the movie to life. I would really like to say that this series has been interesting but it does leave some things to be desired. It brings some great moments but it loses some of the fun of the movie because it doesn’t have the actors that made the movie so great. This issue deals with the team going to conventions while trying to succeed in their mission that they are on. We do get some great actions scenes and a couple fun moments. However, it doesn’t do enough to save it. This issue fails because of the fun being gone and, also, the characters don’t have any of the redeeming moments. The ending is pretty cool and brings hope of more.

Erik Burnham tries to create a world that is already establishes and doesn’t fully work as a comic book. One thing that I will say is that he is a fan of the movie because there is some of the fun but not enough for me to stay interested. I do appreciate the try and really do hope that it continues because it is almost there.

Nacho Arranz does some really great stuff with his art. It has a very otherworldly feel to it, which is nice.

Galaxy Quest: The Journey Contines, tries really hard but doesn’t succeed fully.

-The magic is lost from the movie -The comic takes itself too seriously -Has a lot of minor issues +Visually awesome

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