G.I Joe special missions 3

G.I Joe: Special Missions #3

G.I Joe special missions 3

Last issue left Scarlett and Mainframe alone.. with a shark. As such, this issue has plenty to open up to, so what’s in store for G.I Joe: Special Missions #3?

The official description from IDW:

CRUSH DEPTH continues! Scarlett, Mainframe, and the Special Missions team are seeing their first operation fall apart as the weather and overwhelming odds thwart them at every turn. Things aren’t any easier for the Baroness as she faces a mutiny from the crew of scurvy dogs she hired to recover COBRA’s loot off the ocean floor. And now Serpentor has taken an interest and that spells mayhem for everyone!

Honestly? The opening is a bit of a let down. I kind of wanted to see the shark go nuts and have some fun. Instead, its punched in the head and sent off whilst a few choice remarks are made. That said, the rest of the issue is much better. There’s plenty of developments and all-round character definition (the main focus being the Baroness) as well as a fairly decent set-up for an explosive next issue.

In terms of writing, this issue feels fairly fluid (sans the shark-related issues). Chuck Dixon captures certain characters, like the Baroness, well. It may not be that hard to do, but at least its not screwing up. The real development, for me at least, lies in the pacing. Dixon doesn’t keep readers waiting in details and stretched out sequences. This issue feels like a good read because a good measure of time passes. Special Missions #3 knows when to move along and when to slow down.

As for the visuals, these are the same as seen from this series beginnings. Paul Gulacy adds plenty of detail, espeically when it comes to waves and other areas where artists can often ‘skip’ with cheap tricks. Whilst the faces aren’t perfect in some frames, its nit-picking that doesn’t spoil the shear visual appeal of the title. Of course, the full-page art and wide panels, combined with Aburtov and Grafikslava’s colors certainly help make this a pretty title.

In short, I’m more than happy with this issue. Next issue should see how this title fairs for large scale action (maybe not so Special Missions, but still) but this issue does a good job of easing in smoothly.


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