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G.I Joe #5 Review

G.I Joe_5

G.I Joe #5 offers the conclusion to this new title’s first arc. As such, there’s a lot to take in and dissect but, above all else, was it worth it?

The official description from IDW:

HOMEFRONT reaches its explosive conclusion—and we do mean explosive: If BARONESS can’t hold the city of Warrenton, no one will! And the fate of the entire G.I. JOE team rests in the hands of its newest—and most inexperienced— member, HASHTAG. What will she decide? Plus: The return of a fan-favorite Cobra character YOU’VE been clamoring for since he first appeared!

As the concluding issue, it should be no surprise that this issue has its share of action. It’s well thought out, even when jumping between different points. It’s coherent and fluent throughout the issue, which makes it a lot easier to read. The ending, however, may be a little corny for some. Personally, I think the lighter approach works.

A lot of the credit and praise needs to be going to Fred Van Lente. His writing strikes a decent balance between humor and serious business. In other words, he knows when to cool off. His understanding of action also serves this issue well, as I’ve said. All in all, I’m more than happy to see what else he writes for the future of G.I Joe.

As for the artwork, it’s the same high standard we’ve come to expect from this title. Steve Kurth offers plenty of detail which, combined with the vibrant colors of Joanna Lafuente, ensure this is never a dull issue to look at. There is one double splash page, however, where everything is a little too orange. It makes sense in the story, but from a far these pages just look like a large panel of orange. Still, it’s one minor complaint to some otherwise highly enjoyable artwork.

All in all, I’m definitely happy with this issue. It has shown some good, insightful understanding of G.I Joe and doesn’t overburden the reader with complicated history and back story. The next few issues should tease in the new arc and, with the same team aboard, I see no reason why this high quality product can’t continue.


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