First Look At The New Harley Quinn ONGOING!

Harley Quinn has one hell of an interesting history. For those that are not in the know, she made her debut in Batman: The Animated Series. Fan response was so immense to her character as a whole, that she entered the DC Comics universe with The Batman Adventures #12. Since then she has been really messy in terms of well…everything. Nobody can figure out how to write the damn character as a normal human being. People are constantly taking a different approach to her in general. Also many feel the need to change her costume every time they write her. This would not be a problem if some of the costumes in question were not the most offensive outfit that a lady would never wear. DC has a big problem with women in general, so the fact that there are issues with Joker’s right hand woman should come as no surprise to readers.

The comic book power couple of Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner are now attempting to take a crack at the mess that is Harley Quinn for an ongoing series. The new title has no artist attached as of yet but it does sport an Amanda Conner cover. Also the book has no exact release date, but DC says it is coming later this year. The couple mentioned how with this take on the character they dug deep and figured out how to approach with being respectful to what has done before. A new costume change is also underway for this series, which is not too bad for the character. Serious offenders of the costume would be the current Suicide Squad series and the Batman: Arkham City videogame. It seems like these characters are in good shape as a female is also contributing to the writing process. See what Palmiotti had to say about the series,

When we were offered the book, it wasn’t something we said yes to right away. We needed to do a lot of reading and playing catch up on what the character has been up to since we knew the other version so well. Amanda and I spent a lot of time talking about approach, if we can find a real voice for the character , and what the series would be about before we sent in our pitch. On the surface, this is a no brainer with the two of us writing, but like anything else we do together, we needed to really dig in and find the who , what and where of the new Harley.

Amanda Conner also pitched in,

I am trying to incorporate my favorite things about her latest look and her early costume. I was also inspired by some roller derby girls that I met a short time ago. I think that look totally works for Harley. Another thing I try to keep in mind is what would work really well for costumers and cosplayers, and what would be fun for them to create. One of my favorite things at a comic convention is seeing people dressed up in something that just started out as a thought in my head. Lastly, I always put the character in something that I wish I could run around in all the time.

Check out the new series later this year from the house of Superman!

Source: CBR