The Field #4: Review

The cat is out of the bag — the strange drama that’s been unfolding in the last three issues of The Field is actually a time loop inadvertently caused by our protagonist Grant as he carries the missing piece of a defunct time machine. But will the story end with issue #4?


Here’s the official word from Image:

The final issue! Secrets will be revealed! Lives will be destroyed!

On balance writer Ed Brisson has done a wonderful job of pacing this four-issue limited series – each previous issue has added just enough clarity to keep readers going, but not enough to ruin the utter oddity and mystery of this book. In issue three Brisson finally revealed that everything readers had witnessed was part of an on-going time loop — and it fit. The reveal didn’t feel like lazy writing and a lot seemingly incoherent elements of the plot snapped neatly into place. But endings are hard, and with issue #4 Brisson reveals why it the idea of a time loop might be so enticing to a writer — it gives you a nice out in case you’re not sure how to wrap a story up. Ultimately, and unfortunately, issue #4 feels the weakest of the series. With all his cards on the table Brisson doesn’t have any big reveals left, or doesn’t add any more texture to what he’s laid out in previous installments. Rather, (spoiler alert) he just shows up what a time loop looks like as Grant and Christian flee from the deranged biker gang and wait for the inevitable to happen.

In this sense, the best part of issue #4 is by far Simon Gough’s artwork. As with previous installments his style is commanding, rich and fun. A blend between old-fashioned cartoons and hyper-realism, he’s found a knack for capturing the insane mood of this book — especially the gory parts. Of particular note is series’ final pages — they’re worth the cover price alone.

The Field had a daring premise, but an underwhelming ending. But still, it was ride worth taking.


+ A Daring Premise - With an Underwhelming Ending

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