Executive Assistant: Assassins #5 Review

Does the creative team successfully land a conclusion to their sea-bound voyage?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

Sophora’s journey continues! Executive Assistant Sophora has learned that to be a pirate in this day and age means trusting no one! The pulse-pounding ‘Lost at Sea’ story arc reaches its thrilling conclusion, as Sophora, along with her secret lover Landon, must attempt to escape the maniacal Tinkoté’s deadly deep ocean ambush on the Sea Voyager at all costs. However, the solution to her problem may just be the toughest choice Sophora will ever have to make!

The world of piracy in the modern era is a harsh one, as our protagonist learns first hand from her master.  She faces a crucial decision about her future, as the crew’s lives literally hang in the balance.  The end result is a very good comic book that will please series fans and may just make a good enough case to grow its own inherent audience.

Vince Hernandez nails an absolutely strong script that first and foremost is about delivering our Assassin’s character evolution.  He displays quite handily with inner-dialogue that it’s not as simple as she fell in love and her life changed.  He uses his skills to imbue the tale with enough plot devices to add weight to Sephora‘s ultimate decisions yielding a rousing finish that is more about self-understanding than anything else.  It’s not about playing your role as a servant, a teacher or an assistant its about liberation and accepting your past decisions both the good and the bad.

Lori Hanson delivers some solid artwork in this latest release.  Her renditions of Sephora are simply exquisite, as she uses angles and her features in a few select panels to establish some truly captivating shots.  However, there are a few moments where her minimalist attention to detail comes off looking a tad bit out of place, as the artist’s unique style seems somewhat at odds with some narrative chunks.

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Executive Assistant: Assassins #5 is very fitting conclusion to this story arc, as our protagonist learns from her past as she embraces her future.  Recommended.


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