Executive Assistant: Assassins #14 Review

The latest assassin is here, but is she really someone that deserves the spotlight? Read on to find out

The official description from Aspen:

Introducing Executive Assistant Daisy!

Daisy hits rock bottom within the confines of the thriving Executive Assistant Academy, as her fellow pupils teach her the painful dangers of her inexperience. However, her vulnerability unearths an even deadlier force lurking just below the surface of her psyche – Daisy’s passion for blood and vengeance!

The arc follows a rather predictable but nonetheless rewarding path as this odyssey reaches a compelling cliffhanger.  Our latest protagonist has been through the wringer but now the time has come for the past to meet the present and for our burgeoning killer to face the emotions that rule her.

Using the classic tropes of an underdog story, Vince Hernandez builds up the struggle and achievements of Daisy by allowing here to fail, fall but eventually rise to the occasion.  It’s corny I’ll admit but the dialogue delivered from beginning to end is absolutely engrossing.  Solid characters bring fitting conflicts to an affair that results in some deaths and a little destruction.  Despite the simple skeleton being very obvious in nature there were quite a few moments where the author pushed our heroine harder than I expected.  To sum up: the latest part of this journey is a worthy addition to the franchise.

Lori “Cross” Hanson continues to birth some exquisite pencil work, as these proceedings start to ramp up.  When you open the book you can quickly tell that there’s a distinctly feminine touch which yields simplistic but well-structured visuals that bring this world to life.  From the visual perspective this comic is uplifted by the actions of the illustrator, especially when violence ensues in a beautifully rendered series of stunning panels.

Executive Assistant: Assassins #14 has the problem of being a bit too by the numbers but there’s so much that’s worthwhile here I’m inclined to say ignore that fact.  Because what takes place between the lines is enough to allow fanboys and fangirls to forgive such a minor bump in this narrative.  Recommended.


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