Executive Assistant: Assassins #11 Review

Executive Extinction has come to an end, so should we care where these lovely ladies go from here?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

Explore the creation of a master assassin and the tragic past of Executive Assistant Lotus in ‘Bloodline’, the origin of one of the EA Universe’s most popular-and deadly–heroines. As a child raised in India, Rani (Lotus) was continually teased amongst her peers for her vulnerability and proclivity towards technology and science. However, following a horrific turn of events that shatters her existence at its core, Rani must choose to grow up fast, and to rely on her survival instincts and technical expertise in order to survive-or die!

When it comes to exploring a character’s past following the end of an event, the change in pace can be rather jarring.  But needless to say when handled with the right approach an audience member might just find themselves helplessly invested in this new narrative track.

The script by Vince Hernandez wastes no time digging into the life of Lotus, and her rise into the ranks occupied by her fellow assassins.  Using a very loose plot device to propel the narrative forward, the author gives us background information. And much to my surprise I found myself enthralled by it while ignoring its weak connection to Executive Extinction.  There were some missteps here and there but for the most part this is the level of quality that I expect from this series.

Giuseppe Cafaro handles the art and the chaotic but controlled renditions easily meld to the tale being told here.  This yarn calls for a steady hand that can easily convey strong emotion and chaotic action without loosing forms along the way. And for the most part that holds true, save for a few instances where things come off as rushed and a bit too misshapen for my own tastes.

Executive Assistant: Assassins #11 does more than enough right to earn a spot on your weekly pull-list.  The hard work behind it expands this world as things with these beautiful but deadly women get personal.  Recommended.


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