Evil Ernie #6 Review

Evil Ernie has been trying to take care of a whole bunch of people in order to get back to hell but things have just been getting in his way but it seems that it may be over, or is it? Read on to find out more.

The official description from Dynamite:

With all of Mistress Hel’s lovers believed defeated, Evil Ernie and Smiley prepare for their return to hell while Mary questions whether or not she can go back to normalcy. But before any goodbyes can be made, DeathLore crashes the party. Did Hel save her best (and most deadly) lover for last? And just what is his connection to Ernie?


Evil Ernie is a pretty fun character and does have very interesting moment in them. This whole arc has been about Mistress Hel’s lovers and he has had to face a couple of them. Some of them are fun but very deadly but it is now time for Ernie to return to hell. However, things get messy as a new suitor has come to the front to take on Ernie and Smiley and he is kind of a bad ass. There is some great moments in this comic and there are some new revelations to the character. This issue is pretty slow and the revelation isn’t as huge as you would think but it is still pretty good.

Tim Seeley and Steve Seeley are fantastic writers and have some great moments but it is a little slow. It isn’t my favorite issue but it is still pretty fun. I do love the character of Evil Ernie and Smiley. They are fun.

Rafael Lanhellas is a great artist and has a lot of fun with this issue of the comic book. The colors are vibrant but dark and the drawings are just fantastic.

Evil Ernie #6 wasn’t mind blowing but still pretty good.

  • + Evil Ernie is a really fun character
  • + The visuals were awesome
  • - A little boring
  • - Nothing too exciting

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