Elephantmen #63 Review

A quick one-shot of sorts, Elephantmen #63 teases plenty about the future, while offering a quick, easily-wrapped up story in its own right.

The official description from Image:

Miki and Farrell meet perhaps the strangest Elephantman of all.


The main story itself isn’t the most interesting here; indeed, it’s more about exploring some of the background of Elephantmen and generally fleshing the story out. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable. In fact, these quick open-and-shut side arcs are a great way to wind down and seque between larger arcs.

Still, that doesn’t mean its not relevant either. By the end of the issue, Richard Starkings offers enough to make the plot feel connected to the greater whole. Yet, on the other hand, a quick one-shot doesn’t offer the same sort of suspense or revelations that some of the bigger arcs have. It’s certainly enjoyable, but it’s not of the highlights of the series.

Visually, this issue opens up a few new environments, giving Alex Medellin a chance to explore and experiment. The pencils, as usual, are crisp and clear with plenty of definition. Likewise, the new locations add some fresh color, including near-blinding amounts of white. Still, it makes the issue much more appealing to look at and offers a nice escape from the drab environments found in most issues.

All in all, this is a nice little break and a welcome one at that, but I’m more than happy to jump right back in to the main developments.

  • + Decent action
  • + Looks fantastic
  • + Quick one-shot
  • - Doesn't add too much

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