East of West #4 Review

Death comes for his woman, but is there enough here to justify the carnage left in his violent wake?  Read on to find out.

The official description  from Image:

Flashback to the fallout of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Learn what shocking event tore them apart and the secret that has been hidden ever since. The most exciting new book of the year, EAST OF WEST continues in: THE PROMISE.

When man looks upon the destruction wrought within the confines of these pages it may seem a bit over the top.  We have an army versus one celestial, for lack of a better term, being that’s hellbent on his quest to regain the woman he thought was dead.  And it’s from that simplistic beginning seed that the creative team finds the majesty of the moment in the most unlikely of circumstances before we reach that final page.

Jonathan Hickman pens the script and I have to say the series scribe has done a tremendous job filling in the gaps of this outlandishly compelling narrative.  He’s successfully created an alternate version of historical events while allowing satire and horror to yield truth regarding the human elements of the experience.  But not only does the author do that, he finds a way to take it all in and release it as a classic western.  Sure there are some hiccups along the way as awkward dialogue deflates some of the more powerful moments but overall this is nothing short of a good read.

The art by Nick Dragotta is as impressive as it’s always been.  His visualizations evoke the right level of detail in order to give birth to this epic journey that’s simply fresh.  In the execution of a property that literally feels like nothing on the market today, it’s been interesting to watch the talent pour his power into a world that’s as unbelievable as it is addicting.

East of West #4 is not the tale that the description claims, but nonetheless it’s an outstanding trip on its own that’s sure to excite the burgeoning franchise’s devoted followers.  Recommended.



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