East of West #3 Review

Is the story of an alternate timeline where the world is plagued by the four horsemen and the end of days still something worth following?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Death’s reign of terror over THOSE WHO RULE continues, as the forces of the END TIMES continue to work to bring about the Apocalypse. It’s the END OF THE WORLD: Someone dies, someone lives, and someone falls in love.

Since the launch of this series I was instantly hooked by the concept offered here.  A western themed cowboy ride set in a world that’s both alien and eerily familiar with the backdrop of a looming apocalypse and no real clear heroes in this yarn… just wicked acts that are worthy of punishment.

Jonathan Hickman astounds me with this latest script as he properly sets up players using locations and versions of history that will both inspire curiosity in his audience.  This is the third issue and there are still so many details I’m not completely clear on but nonetheless I found myself to be completely enthralled in the here and now.  Despite the fact that we know that Death is not trying to prevent the apocalypse but rather usurp the plans of his brothers, I can’t help but get the feeling that the one we’re rooting for now is not the one that’s worthy of our devotion or attention.

The art by Nick Dragotta is without a doubt the single best feature found within the pages of this comic.  From the first blurb to the final panel the artist does more than enough to make these festivities pleasing.  Whether he’s illustrating a confrontation between riders or a discussion I have literally no complaints about the body that’s on display… except to say that I wish more happened so I could see the talent really strut some serious visual muscles.

When it comes to independent books Image Comics has an absolute skill for getting talented people to work on interesting projects, as East of West #3 further proves with its candor and quality.  Highly recommended.


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