Debris #2 Review

Who doesn’t want to open a comic and see a non-damsel-in-distress destroying mechanical monsters? The latest installment delivers that, and then some. The first issue of Debris exceeded¬†expectations, a fantastic start. I mean, we have a post-Armageddon plot, a cool female main character, and giant mechanical monsters. Not really much else one can ask for. With just four issues, each one has to move the story at a pretty fast pace. The second installment moves things along quickly, but manages to be a compelling story throughout.

Here’s the official description from Image:

A deadly junk storm forces Maya to take refuge in an ancient, forgotten place where she soon discovers that she’s not alone in the land beyond the safe zone.

I compared the premise and first issue to the graphic novel Enormous, (check that out if you haven’t) they both had some pretty similar themes. With this issue, the comparison is no longer there as this becomes a journey as opposed to a survival. As I said in the first paragraph, the issue opens up with our main character Maya battling some mechanical monsters known as Umbrals. The action is tight and satisfying. With the bright backdrop and scenery, this feels like an adventure RPG. Maya is the type of Samus Aran or Lara Croft character found in video games. She’s cool, likable, and someone you can root for. She has a true care for her home and friends, not overly mean, but someone to be respected. It’s a shame this is only a four issue mini-series, I’m going to miss reading about her and the journey.

While the art isn’t heavily detailed, it has its own simplistic style. The monsters look menacing, and the background does have that middle-of-nowhere feel. This issue introduces a new character that has ties to Maya’s background, which makes for an interesting plot point. The dialogue does shed some light on some things and asks more questions. The writing is one of the book’s strongest aspects. It’s simple, but has a complexity¬†surrounding the story. It’ll be interesting to see where the plot goes in the next two issues.

Overall, a fantastic second issue. Debris looks to be one of the best mini-series of the year. If you’re overlooking it, I strongly encourage to backtrack and get the first issue, this is one fun adventure that shouldn’t be missed.


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