Deadpool #3 Review

Deadpool & Agent Preston call upon the help of the Sorcerer Supreme himself, Doctor Strange to help with their Presidential problem, but will it be enough?

Here is the summary from Marvel:

Deadpool vs. Dead Presidents…this time, TRICKY DICK NIXON! • Can even Doctor Strange help the M w/the M? • This is the Deadpool series you will marry someday!

Wade, Agent Preston, & Ben Franklin appeal to Doctor Strange for help against the resurrected presidents. We get some more funny moments (as expected), and even some fourth wall breakage, which is usually a stable in the Deadpool family of books. Sadly the third outing of this series doesn’t fare as well as the other two did.

Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn continue to craft the script and do some things well here. We get some background on our would be necromancer, Michael (For some reason i get Thriller flashbacks) and how he is able to wield these dark magics. The comedy is still there, but it feels a bit corny, and while Deadpool isn’t the best joke teller, he’s certainly done better. There is a part about Gerald Ford (I didn’t even know he was dead) which I’m sure is an analogy to something, but just comes off as awkward. Doctor Strange is also written oddly, coming off as sort as a prick. However there is a little nugget that Dr. Strange told Deadpool about which will hopefully pay off in later issues.

Tony Moore’s art is still going strong though. His pencils still detailing the characters, especially the zombies, quite nicely. There is little to no gore in this issue, which isn’t a bad thing, lots of gore isn’t always needed (if at all) to tell a good story. While there isn’t as much energy as there was in previous issues, that doesn’t hurt the artwork ans Moore works with what he is given to a good effect.

Focusing a bit more on plot in this issue, Deadpool still continues to be a good read, but the weak writing, weak action scenes, and awkward moments overshadow the good in this issue. While the magic that made issues one and two so good have faded a bit, they are by no means gone. I still recommend this book.


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  • shibori78

    “There is a part about Gerald Ford (I didn’t even know he was dead) which I’m sure is an analogy to something, but just comes off as awkward.”
    Ford was well known for his clumsiness. With that knowledge, seeing him trip head first into the helicopter baldes is a hilarious wink at presidential history.