Deadpool #2 Review

Wade goes head to head…well gun to gun with Theodore Roosevelt, can the Merc with a Mouth get the job done? Or will Teddy Roosevelt add Deadpool to his trophy wall?

Here is the summary from Marvel:

Marvel Now! Dead presidents keep coming back from the grave, and Deadpool keeps on hacking and shooting! How many heads of state is Wade going to have to bash?

After being shot in the head by zombie Lincoln, Wade finds himself coming to in the presence of the ghost of Benjamin Franklin. Franklin tells Deadpool that he needs to stop the Presidents before things get worse, which they proceed to due as George Washington & John F. Kennedy raise dead soldiers to aid in their cause. Elsewhere Deadpool is told by Agent Prescott that he needs to take down President Theodore Roosevelt, which leads to a firefight in the Los Angeles Zoo (This won’t end well).

Brian Posehn & Gerry Duggan continue to compound the on the silliness in this issue, but they also manage to add a small amount of intrigue as to whether or not Ben Franklin is a real ghost or just a figment of Wade’s already fragmented imagination. How Wade is written is also done well, no fourth wall breakage, instead focusing on the craziness of Wade as a person. Which is something that isn’t elaborated on much. The Zombie presidents also have funny banter with the crazed sorcerer who raised them in the 1st place, with Kennedy’s colloquialism’s present in the dialogue.

Tony Moore’s art is still appealing to look at. The gore and blood are still there, but it’s not distasteful or disgusting (ok a little disgusting) to the point where it ruins the story. There is a nice fight scene between Deadpool & Teddy Roosevelt which is a joy to look at as they tear through the Zoo and some of the animals with it (What now PETA?).

Deadpool continues to be a crazy, fun ride. With plenty of action, comedy, and appeal to keep you coming back for more. One of Marvel’s strongest NOW! titles.



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