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Deadpool #1 Review

Deadpool 1_C
AOT 25.1

Marvel Now! has started to kick into high gear by releasing their new number ones over the next couple of weeks, but is this one worth the time?

Here is Marvel’s summary:

 Dead former United States presidents, from George Washington to Gerald Ford have been resurrected, and that’s BAD. The Marvel heroes can’t be the ones to stop them, someone is needed with the reputation, skills and plausible deniability to take out these com-monsters in chiefs…NOW! is the time for Deadpool… In Wade We Trust!

Nothing more self-explanatory than that. A madman resurrects the deceased United States Presidents in a effort to “restore America to it’s former glory” and S.H.I.E.L.D., not wanting to ruin the Avengers public image by having them “kill” the Presidents, enlists the help of everyone’s favorite “Merc with a Mouth”, Deadpool. Recruiting him after seeing him take out a rogue Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Of course hilarity and shenanigans ensue when Wade agrees to help with the undead Commander in Chiefs, who have hatched a plan to destroy America and rebuild it from scratch.

The new writer duo of Gerry Duggan and stand-up comedian/actor Brian Posehn really know ole Deadpool well. The jokes and craziness are just what you would expect from Wade, even when zombified Presidents are running amok.  Priscilla (Deadpool’s S.H.I.E.L.D. “handler”) is also a pretty solid character, being forced to find a way to handle the unfavorable situation herself all on her birthday. The story is paced well, jumping right at you from the get go as it’s told through Wade’s zany yet weirdly optimistic view of life.

Tony Moore’s art is also done well here. With plenty of gore and bloody goodness which is to be expected in a Deadpool tale.  Seeing it’s just as fun watching him put himself back together as it is watching him fall apart.  Each character is detailed well, especially the zombie Heads of State.

This is another strong title coming out of the Marvel NOW! relaunch. Deadpool is a funny, action-packed, and bloody book that will appeal to old readers and attract new ones as well. Recommend.

I’m Marcell Hines and I approve this review. In Wade we trust.


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