Dark Shadows: Year One #6 Review

The conclusion to this frightfully addictive prequel series is here, but does it end things on a high note?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

The terrifying final confrontation between Barnabas Collins and the conniving Nathan Forbes! After all the misery that has befallen the Collins clan, has guilt gotten the best of Barnabas’ protector, Ben Stokes? Will loyalty to the Collins trump Stokes’ own conscience… or will Barnabas face oblivion at the end of a trusted friend’s stake?

This is it, for those not familiar with the origins of the franchise we’ve reached the moment that will define our hero and lock him away in a tomb until the 1970s.  What we’re given is a superb entry that highlights the strengths of the property and the innate cunning nature of the creative team behind this literary jaunt.

Marc Andreyko pens the script and what he delivers is an appropriate finish to this mini-series.  Sure the ending was never in doubt, but the execution on the path could have easily been fumbled by a less than savvy author.  Thankfully that’s not the case, as this scribe clearly works hard to align the pieces while giving these remaining sequences enough attention to allow the last threads of plot to carry some weight.  In short:  the text was excellent and did more than enough to send things off on a high note.

The art by Guiu Vilanova is superb.  From the first panel to the final page the seasoned professional brings a steady hand to these devious festivities, as the final marks are placed on the Collins blood line in this sordid affair.  I was particularly captured by the final moments when the furious vampire went on a bit of tantrum and the emotions the talent was able to convey were simply uncanny.  I have literally no complaints about the work delivered here except to say I want more.

Dark Shadows: Year One #6 is an excellent comic book that exceeds embedded expectations as it offers a frightfully fitting end and potent beginning to an enduring legacy.  Highly recommended.


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  • SirLizard

    Did the quote actually say, “Will loyalty to the Collins trump Stokes’ own conscience…”?! The plural of Collins is Collinses. It should say, “Will loyalty to the Collinses trump Stokes’s own conscience?” Writers should know proper English spelling, grammar, and usage.