Dark Shadows / Vampirella #3 Review

Can these two vampires muster the gumption to work together while uniting their allies?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Vampirella takes Barnabas on a tour of the seedy sex clubs of New York as the search for the serial killer heats up! And sparks fly between Pantha and Quentin, the werewolf! But our vampire heroes are in over their heads as the true villain behind the murders shows them a preview of her (!!) ancient evil!

If you’re a fan of either Vampirella or Dark Shadows, then this comic book is certainly for you.  But if you’re someone who has had no experience with either property before now you may want to avoid this crossover altogether and just dive into each of their individual but currently ongoing monthly comic books.

Marc Andreyko hands in a script that moves this five-part mini-series forward, but it goes by far too quickly.  To his credit the dialogue is solid, but there are some twists and turns that just seem a bit rushed.  Beyond that though the action is quite entertaining, as the issue opens with a rather gory but engaging battle that quickly and successfully establishes each unique character.  The main problem however is the break-neck pace established by that bout, as it will more than likely leave the reader grasping desperately for ground by the time they reach the final page, making the purchase price seem a bit steep.

Jose Malaga delivers some exquisite art in this release.  His characters are beautifully rendered, so are his backgrounds and foregrounds with each panel displaying just enough skill to elevate the quality of this jaunt.  It’s no small feat to unite two varying franchises while keeping their accepted styles, but this talented artist pulls it off with each proverbial pencil stroke.

Dark Shadows / Vampirella #3 is a solid enough read, but it goes by so quick and many of twists seem a bit rushed or even forced.  But still it successfully squeaks by with a light recommendation.


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