Dark Shadows #14 Review

Every action has many consequences, but can a terrible future for theCollins family lead to a story arc that’s truly worth following?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

The future of Collinwood has been glimpsed. Barnabas and his clan are headed towards dark days. What are those who endured it willing to sacrifice to make sure it never happens? Is it too late for some, or is there one last drastic measure one member of the clan can make to make the future unknown again?

When dealing with a nightmarish scenario brought forth by an unspeakable horror, that happens to be the dark half of our hero, the audience is left in their seats literally watching the blood be spilled around them.  Thankfully the creative team behind this latest journey has proven again and again their level of skill and competency with regards to this storied franchise.

Series writer Mike Raicht wastes absolutely no time letting this bloody but intriguing narrative sweep the characters plus their devoted followers into a chaotic fray.  The dialogue is quick and to the point as the author effortlessly and surgically places the right amount of cadence to keep these festivities moving briskly.  There were a few moments where conversations between heroes or villains felt a bit too bloated but these were few and far between.  Overall what was done here gives insight into our lead while reveling in his own little twists and turns.

The art by Nacho Tenorio continues to be a point where this already captivating extension of the unforgotten show shines perhaps brightest.  He seamlessly illustrates the classic outfits, characters and locales while crafting his own take on the situation.  From start to finish he effortlessly brings this all to life in a way that more than compensates for any narrative pitfalls.  Though there were times where faces seemed to look a tad bit off the complete work on display more than made up for that.

Dark Shadows #14 is yet another successfully realized comic book that champions a cherished legacy while forging its own destiny.  Recommended.


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