Dark Shadows #10 Review

All families have their share of issues but the Collins clan have certainly had some rocks thrown into their proverbial road, but is their story still worth following?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Barnabas Collins and his family are still reeling from their encounter with The Children and their sire. The brutal war has left those closest to Barnabas questioning his very nature. However, with a possible cure in his hands, will this 175 year old vampire finally be free of his vampiric curse? Or will remaining a vampire show once and for all that you don’t need to be human to prove you have a noble soul?

Following the events with Lockwood, our hero has regained his humanity but for how long?  Even in his mortal state, Barnabus Collins attempts to help his family deal with the supernatural elements that are plaguing them.  The results are not perfect but the creative team delivers another solid entry that’s very aware of the repercussions from last month’s issue.

Mike Raicht pens the script and the series writer crafts an interesting romp.  What we have is something in between an epilogue and a prologue that carries some interesting if not off-balance results.  This interlude of sorts has to its benefit, both strong dialogue and detailed characterizations that easily carry it through to its conclusion.  Though there are some minor narrative inadequacies as too much time is spent focusing in on setting up the next arc instead of letting our hero simmer with what is sure to be a temporary fix to his vampire tendencies.

Nacho Tenorio does some solid work in this latest outing.  His pencil strokes smoothly translate the characters from their television incarnations into a stylistically rendered world, that maintains their distinctive features fans will surely recognize.  However there are times where the work on display comes off looking rather rushed leading to unnecessary bodily deformities that take a bit away from the overall visual experience.

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Dark Shadows #10 is a very good release that’s worth any fans hard-earned money and time.  Recommended.


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