Cyber Force #7 Review

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This technologically enhanced vision of our society moves ever onward, but is this a re-imagining that functions or ultimately fails under its own weight?  Read on to find out.

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Killjoy has been released. But who should fear her most? The newly reformed Cyber Force, or her creators?

Cyber Force 7_CThere has never been a really clear path in life, and when dealing with a world that knows we’re nearing an end it can be hard to wrap our brains around it. The concept to this newly minted rendition is simple, we’re going to kill ourselves, now we have to figure out how to postpone it or prepare for it.  If that wasn’t enough, this creative team has seen fit to throw even more at our burgeoning squad forcing them to contend with some dire obstacles.

Marc Silvestri is not shying away from the hard stuff with this new volume, as he plays with his cybernetic property by allowing some necessary emotional undertones.  From moral questions that range from killing to the role of an absentee parent there’s a lot to sink your teeth into but perhaps the best part of the script is the comedic timing.  I did find the bulk of the verbal barrage to be a bit too text heavy, causing the pace to slow in a few instances, which did little to hinder the experience.

The art by Marco Turini fits with the text in a way that should get fans excited.  When he first came on at Top Cow, he displayed an ability to handle a large cast. And that’s true with this entry as the illustrator makes use of every inch of his panels, conveying emotion and nuance in order to authenticate every single blow. There were some sequences where more detail would have allowed for rampant eye candy, but these ended up becoming lightly missed opportunities.

Cyber Force #7 is another prime example why this universe is still one worth following.  It may not evolve the franchise but there’s still plenty to love, as it earns a recommendation.



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