Cyber Force #6 Review

It’s not free anymore!  So let’s ask the obvious question: now that it costs you money is it worth a purchase?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


Velocity and Ripclaw have been left hurting since their last confrontation with CDI. To eradicate the rogue Cyber Force faction once and for all, an even more dangerous and uncontrollable threat has been activated.

First off let me say that this re-launch has certainly gone through some growing pains but I’m happy to say that as of now it’s come into itself.  What we have here is an issue that fills in some gaps in this new narrative road while building up the next arc.  Not a whole lot happens, the action is contained but thanks the talents of the creative team there’s something really worthwhile here.

Marc Silvestri pens the script and it just oozes with personality.  From the first page to the final panel it’s painfully obvious how well the creator knows his players, and as some subtle revelations lead to an expected return there’s a lot to enjoy.  I want to specifically highlight the dialogue tangent that happens in the latter third of the book, when the focus shifts from Cyber Force to a couple troopers entering their shift.  The witty banter found here shows humanistic aspects that set this romp apart from standard science fiction faire.  That being said the briefness of the text was a bit underwhelming.

The art is handled by Marco Turini, whom does an extraordinary job on the visuals.  From our odd set of allies to their enemies the talent displays a potent grasp of the material that simply invites both inspection and excitement.  I especially enjoyed the smaller moments where expressive faces sold the fluid dialogue of the script in a way that didn’t cheapen the proceedings by any stretch of the imagination.  In short: the illustrator does an excellent job that’s near perfect.

Cyber Force #6 is not asking for a big chunk of change as it adopts a $2.99 price tag, but trust me it’s worth it.  Recommended.


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