Creepy Comics #20 Review

The creepy comic continues with a new issue. Is it worth reading? Read on to find out more.

Uncle Creepy opens up a pet shop of horrors this April! Join us for housebroken beasts of the Felis, Canis, and monstrous varieties from such talented terror-tale tellers as Matthew Southworth, Kelly Thompson, Peter Bagge, and more!

The stories in this comic have always been interesting ones because the writing is about the time and what is scary. creepyq20p2-33f15It, also, has some moments that you don’t know where this is coming from but it is still interesting because it is horror. This issue continues that type with a whole new batch of comics from Uncle Creepy. First off, we get a nice little monologue from the editor that gives a nice theme of the stories that your about read. Then it goes into the stories. There are a couple of good ones and there is a dud but, overall, the stories are a lot of fun. They all have a theme and bring that theme together. It is a lot of fun and continues to be a really interesting series. I do really enjoy the first story with bullying and outcast and finding humanity in something that isn’t humanity. It is probley because I felt like the character when I was younger.

Matthew Southworth, Kelly Thompson, Peter Bagge, and Dan Braun all have some great voices in this comic series. Even if I didn’t like a particular one, I still enjoyed the whole book overall. I am huge critic of horror and this one is a lot of fun.

Matthew Southworth and Peter Bagge are fantastic artists and bring this to life. It is a lot of fun to see and really look at the hidden tidbits in the comic. I really do think it’s great.

Creepy Comics #20 is a fun comic series.

+A fun and interesting concept +A bunch of silly horror -Some of the story is a dud +The visuals are fun

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