Creeple Peeple #3 Review

What happens when a power hungry dean figures out how to harness magical power and bring forth crazy and mystical creatures? Well, it isn’t good but there is luckily some very talented and smart college students to help. Read on to find out more.

As the nefariously transformed Creeples unleash mystical mayhem, our teen heroes and Professor Bodkins must reign in their six medical blunders, and protect campus life from Dean Smathers’ diabolical secret to indoctrinate all, which has ties to an infamous Fallen Angel.

It seems that no good deed goes unpunished. What started as a way to save a college turned to an amazing Creeple3-pg04-b7d08scientific experiment but when that experiment is in the wrong hands it gets turned around and really ends up hurting the world, which is what happens in this issue of the Creeples. Dean Smathers has started a small cult because of the power that he has obtained from the Creeples but he has some great students and a professor to bring him down. The students are doing their best in this issue and there are some great moments. I won’t ruin the end because it is pretty great and leaves some future stories open. I really do enjoy and think it does some great stuff. My only issue is that I wish this series would have been a little longer cause it seems a little rush but it is okay.

Patrick Pidgeon and Matt Anderson do a great job of bringing the Creeples to live and making their story fun but has some weight behind it. I really do enjoy it.

Tim Lattie is a fantastic artist and brings to life the entire world with his drawings. I really think that he pays a close attention to detail. It does some fantastic stuff in this issue.

Creeple Peeple #4  is a great comic but a little rushed.

+A big and satisfying ending +Very dark and fun +The visuals take the cake -A little too rushed

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