Conan the Barbarian #20 Review

The latest re-invention of this classic property continues here, but as this latest arc unfold is it really shaping up into something that’s worthwhile?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

A twisted religious order targets the heathens Conan and Bêlit, who flee with a relic of immeasurable value. Mad warrior monks pursue the couple across a mazelike landscape, cutting off every avenue of escape. With no other options, Bêlit looks to the mysterious item, hoping to find some salvation within.

Whispers between lovers in the dark, lead to a harrowing day that sees everyone’s favorite Barbarian and his Queen locked in a religious fray. Granted what’s befallen them is their own doing, and the creative team makes sure to remind us of that fact, but somehow these thieves are worth rooting for even when they’re caught in yet another dicey situation.

Bran Wood pens the script and I’m purely captivated by what he delivers.  The narrative at play is basic, as it follows the standard structure of an adventure yarn. We have our primary characters in possession of a mysterious artifact, and that simple device invites conflict.  However there are two aspects that allow this juggernaut to stand above the rest.  The first is the opening which involves a potent Cimmerian tale and the second is the surefire action.  In short: there’s enough featured within the confines of this text to make this tale worth a look.

The art by Paul Azaceta is top notch as he employs stiff but honest pencil strokes to craft a vision that’s worthy of the franchise.  The talent had to deliver panels that dealt with warriors, far off lands, battle, love and lessons by the fire.  To his credit he did just that and more as he yielded a striking personality for the whole of the journey.  I honestly have nothing to complain about except for the fact that I want more pretty pictures.

Conan the Barbarian #20 is a valuable addition to the sterling title and a worthwhile comic to place in the vaults of your collection.  Highly recommended.


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