Conan the Barbarian #14 Review

Is this latest iteration of the storied franchise worth your money and time?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Brian Wood and Mirko Colak test Conan and Bêlit’s love like never before! Under the heat of the Shemite sun, Conan leads a suicidal raid on the fort at Ramah En Ram, while inside Bêlit heads up the fort’s defense! The mystery of Bêlit’s precense inside deepens, even as it drives Conan mad with jealousy and rage!

When it comes to the Cimmerian barbarian, Conan, one can’t help but expect lots of violence in any incarnation of this specific muscle bound warrior. This newest conception is no different but unlike previous versions our hero is depicted with a great deal of intellect and insight as the search for Bêlit continues here.

Blinded by his lust and powered by a script by Brian Wood our hero enters head first into enemy territory. The seasoned author does an expert job making it painfully obvious that our protagonist is blinded by his questions and affections as he sacrifices others with little thought or care.  It may make our chief character seem a bit cold but in truth this is the most human version I’ve ever read, and to the writers credit his pen really amplified that specific aspect.  In short, what we have here is well crafted story that may be a bit more deep than people might expect.

Mirko Colak takes on the art and the seasoned talent does an outstanding job realizing the complexities as well as the apparent simplicity inherent in the narrative. From the battle scenes to the planning stages of this mini-siege there’s plenty of work on display that simply offers up a versatile experience that is nothing short of a crowd pleasing affair.  The use of both thick and slender lines in concert creates some brilliant renditions that are sure to please dedicated fans.

Conan the Barbarian #14 is a release that does suffer from minor pacing issues, but overall this book is a well crafted romp that’s worth your money and time. Recommended.


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