Conan the Barbarian #25 Review

This is it. But does the volume go out on a high note? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

The final issue of Brian Wood’s acclaimed “Queen of the Black Coast”!

Conan is rapidly losing his battle against a creature of unimaginably dark power. With nothing left to live for, his only hope for survival—much less victory—takes shape in a familiar and impossible form!

Conan the Barbarian 25_CDespite the somewhat misleading summary fans are sure to be treated with something special. This outing is a personal tale that exemplifies the finest features of this particular barbarian. There is action within the confines of this release, but more importantly this is a proper epilogue to a key moment in our young warrior’s life. And to the creative team’s credit they deliver something that’s fitting for a man who will one day be a mighty king.

Brian Wood concludes the legacy Bêlit while cementing his own literary prowess among the pantheon of authors that have attempted to tackle this particular property. The dynamic of a distinct moment flashing back and forth with the actions of a ghost made the whole thing that much more potent. There’s a lot of heart to be found, but even more so we see the depth of the talent who charts these words in a logical succession that’s sure to leave fans solemnly grinning. To sum up: there’s a purpose behind all the actions surrounding this moving arc.

The art by Leonardo Fernández is stylized from the first page to the final pivotal panel. It’s a look that for the most part successfully realizes these festivities but it had its share of off moments. I just found that some of the illustrations did carry the text along but didn’t really sell it, mostly due to odd angles and awkward facial expressions. There was however a specific instance where the line work met the quality of Dave Stewart’s colors in a beautiful exploration of our protagonist’s turmoil.

Conan the Barbarian #25 may not be the masterstroke that people expect but it does surpass my expectations. Highly recommended.



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