Codename: Action #3 Review

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Operation: Clean Slate

Cliffhangers be damned! We start this issue right where we left off with the last. And halfway through this mini-series, things are just starting to heat up!

The official description from Dynamite Entertainment:

Codename Action 3 CoverMasked crimefighters in America come under attack when new legislation targeting them is passed, while tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union continue to mount. Operator 5 has gone deep undercover, but when things take a turn for the worst, Operative 1001 is the only one who has a chance of rescuing him. Or will 1001 find help in the unlikeliest of places?


No one is pulling punches – creators, characters, no one. This issue lays everything out on the table. At the end we know what is going on, why it is going on, and what has to be done to save the day. But can the day be saved?

Chris Roberson’s story is really putting everything into perspective within this comic universe: Strong (and Masked) characters being overwhelmed, world superpowers being held hostage, and seasoned Operatives neutralized – All by the same organized group of madmen. The premise of the story is only part of its greatness. Roberson is keeping fantastic pace with this mini-series – the first three issues hooked our interest, the next three promise to kick up the action for a glorious resolve. Excellent job.

Jonathan Lau’s art once again perfectly delivers for this mini-series. This issue, just like the previous two, is expertly illustrated. I am continually blown away by the amount of “action” he is able to portray during the fight scenes. His art certainly lives up to this book’s namesake. As I keep saying (from review to review), Lau’s art is extremely versatile. Not only is his action more action-packed, his calm and beautiful is more clam and more beautiful.

Once again, Codename: Action #3 delivers. Definitely worth the investment, both in story and artistic merit.



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