Clown Fatale #4 Review

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Should we really care for whom the nose honks? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

With two clowns left in her crew, Chloe finds herself in the clutches of the knife-wielding Sasha, the Russian bombshell. Meanwhile, Billy has lured Aya into his lair . . . i.e., his shabby trailer. With the circus on fire, what end will come to the remaining clowns fatales?

Clown Fatale 4_CThis is it! The end of this over the top and exploitative grindhouse style event, featuring girls that are looking for more out of life than the circus they’re currently stuck with. I have to say after four comic books dedicated to these violent shenanigans I’m going to be sad to see this leave my review pile. And to the creative team’s credit they finish their arc with the single best entry in the burgeoning history of this franchise.

Victor Gischler impresses with a script that continues the slightly sadistic but mesmerizing antics that have made this series into something that’s worth owning. The author keeps the dialogue at a minimum, to the point that the overall pacing feels brisk but never rushed. There are a couple twists and turns that on first read might be a bit too much for the average consumer to accept, but thinking back on the saga we’ve been enjoying they feel like a deserved evolution. In the end the scribe offers finality while leaving the door open for a sequel down the road, if one is ever pursued.

Maurizio Rosenzweig gives his best work to date as this release comes to your local shop with just enough dynamic renditions to amaze. The strength found here comes from the fact that the illustrator successfully captures every bit of the text without sacrificing the already accepted norms. The pencil strokes evoke every emotion and sequence nicely, combine them with Moreno Dinisio‘s colors and inks and we have visual gold.

Clown Fatale #4 is without a doubt a highly entertaining romp that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It is what it is and within that logic it excels beautifully. Highly recommended.



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