Clown Fatale #3 Review

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Is this crazy ride really something that should be bought from your local comic shop? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

The painted beauties go in guns a-blazin’ to earn the bounty they need to crawl out of their squalid clown life. But the girls find out they’re not quite as tough as they thought—and when they fail to carry out the job to the letter, the boss decides he wants a refund.

Clown Fatale 4_COur murderous group of would-be killers go toe-to-toe with their mark, and the body count continues to pile up. I’ll be frank this whole concept is not going to be for everyone but if you’re looking for a wild jaunt that’s got exploitative tendencies combined with enough shock value to fill up a grindhouse double feature, than this is without a doubt something you want to check out.

Victor Gischler does a marvelous job letting the chaos take control. As this romp enters its third outing there’s plenty of bouts of hilarity mixed with unnecessary antics. In short: this is what was advertised. From beginning to end, the author doesn’t attempt to bog down his piece, instead he finds a way to inject enough substance to make our leading ladies worthwhile. To the detriment of the script, that action makes the journey paper-thin but it never loses the spark that made this whole ordeal interesting. If you’re already on board trust me, you’ll like what you read within these pages.

The art by Maurizio Rosenweig fits the tempo set by the text, as the talent effortlessly builds a world full of violent curves. I did find a few illustrations that upon first glace seemed to be under developed as facial expressions fell in quality. There’s a lot going on in regard to the visual side of things that may be off putting to some, but I found the injection of both blood and certain assets to fit with the mandate of the tale.

Clown Fatale #3 is yet another entertaining comic book that deserves to find an audience during its uproarious rampage. Recommended.



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