Chew #39 Review

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What kind of fun will come when Olive and Amelia borrow Tony’s FDA badge? Read on to find out.

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Amelia’s been writing again!

Chew #39Chew has always been a great series, and a lot of that is due to it’s unique nature. Now if you told me before I read it that this series centered around food would be as good as it is, I wouldn’t believe you. But now I can firmly say it is.

John Layman continues to come up with wacky ideas for this series, and despite the ones found here not necessarily being the most zany, it was still a fun story. I especially loved how new reader friendly it felt, as having missed a few issues I thought I’d be playing catch-up. It was also nice to see Olive and Amelia have some time in the spotlight of this series, with the adventure they went on in this issue being extremely entertaining. Layman does however set-up the final part of this story pretty well, with the events at the end left me looking forward to the conclusion.

The artwork in this issue was simply amazing, and I doubt the series would be as good as it is without Rob Guillory’s fabulous work. Now don’t get me wrong if it wasn’t for Layman’s outstanding scripts there’d be no series at all, but I feel that it’s the fun style of Guillory’s art that makes this series as entertaining as it is. What I love most about Guillory’s work however is how he sets the tone, giving brilliant drama and emotion through the characters facial expressions. And this is certainly needed for a series centered around food.

Chew continues to be a fantastic title, baring a very fun and entertaining tone. It also is easy to get into whether you’re a long time fan, or just picking it up for the first time. Highly recommended.



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