Chasing the Dead #3 Review

Chasing the Dead is back with its penultimate issue. I haven’t read too many comics like it, it’s part thriller, psychological horror, and…zombie? There are many readers (myself included) that had never read the novel, so this would be something completely fresh. Susan is just a mom who wants her daughter back and is constantly being tormented by phone calls from the ‘Harvester.’ In this issue we learn some interesting things about the kidnapper, and the body count sky rockets.

Here’s the official description from IDW:

Two terrifying encounters with her daughter’s kidnapper have left Sue with blood on her hands and a trail of bodies in her wake and no hope of saving her daughter.

until the one person alive with the means of helping her reveals himself and provides Sue with the twisted supernatural history of her tormentor and possibly the means to destroy him.

It starts from right where the story left off last time, with the zombified Marilyn approaching Susan. Soon the latter is back on the road but is soon stopped by the police. She’s taken into the station for questioning, and then things get interesting. It was definitely interesting seeing the police involved. They ask Susan a few questions while the latter needs to get going. Then they see the blood in the back and you could imagine what comes next. I don’t think Susan’s dialogue was that great there, but nothing major. We’re introduced to Detective Yates, whom has a connection with the now deceased Jeff. He’s a good character, though the scene where he suddenly recognizes Susan felt a little rushed. It was probably handled better in the novel, but he does later give the most interesting story. We learn exactly what the backstory of Isaac Hamilton is, fascinating stuff.

The art is pretty good like always. There’s actually a few standout pages. The page with the deceased police officers with blood all around was quite disturbing. Then when zombified Jeff appears, it’s one of those ‘Holy moly!’ momennts, the art makes him look like one creepy Venom-like undead. The cover shows Susan getting attacked by zombie hands, not the most original cover, but still not bad.  I have to give props to the writing team for making the Harvester such an interesting antagonist. (Well original props to to Joe Schreiber for writing the novel.) His sarcasm (such as when he says that he feels responsible for Susan going to jail) is just astounding, this issue succeeds in making you root for Susan even more.

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Overall, the third installment of Chasing the Dead is pretty engaging. Some parts feel a little rushed, but it still remains one of the most intense mini-series currently on the stands.


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