Charismagic (vol.2) #2 Review

In a world under assault by powers beyond our understanding, can our skillful heroes do anything to save us?  Should you really care?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

Be prepared because everything you thought you knew about magic is about to vanish!

The group makes a sober discovery in Los Angeles, as Hank’s agent and best friend Kenny painfully realizes the differences between humans and magical beings could kill him–and put an end to their quest to end Serké’s invasion. However, their problems are much larger in scale than they are aware of, as the dark shaman has summoned his deadliest servant of chaos-Torgan, the magical lion demon of flame and rage!

The premise of this title offers a lot on face value and to be frank it delivers on it somewhat.  Given all the players and the various aspects that this yarn explores there’s certainly a lot to enjoy here even if it is a bit wobbly in certain places.

Vince Hernandez pens the script and the author does a fine job making use of the various cogs in this mystical machine.  He knows the characters quite well, as both humor and some hard-hitting drama bubble to the surface at just the right moments.  There were however quite a few bits where the dialogue itself just felt rather bogged down by unnecessary attempts at either subtext or a comedic miss-fire.  But overall the story was engaging from the first page to the final panel.

The art by Vincenzo Cucca does just enough to keep the whimsical nature combined with an aura of foreboding.  Whether we’re dealing with an attempt to quell an assault on a fairy or a disquieting metamorphosis, this talent certainly has the wherewithal to accomplish just what the narrative requires.  There are moments however where his characters are a bit too exaggerated but these minor instances do little to sully an excellent affair.

Charismagic (vol.2) #2 may not be an amazing comic book but it’s still really good one that’s certainly worth your attention if you’re looking for a magical adventure. Recommended.


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